Bridge TV

Monthly Episodes of "A Bridge to Better Mental Health" WCCA TV 13.

Episode #35 Luke Knowles

Episode #34 Career Opportunities

Episode #33 A Bridge to Better Mental Health

Episode #32 The Central Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community

Episode #31  Successes and Challenges for Individuals with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

Episode #30 Shared Living: Open Your Home and Open Your Heart

Episode #29 Caregivers and Self Care: How to Manage when a Loved One is Addicted

Episode #28 Art and Wellness:  How David Sebastian Helps Bring Them Together

Episode #27 Minority Mental Health, Part II:  Children of Refugees Speak Out

Episode #26 Dale Lepage Speaks Openly About his Journey Through Depression and Anxiety.   

Episode #25 Mental Health Concerns Among Immigrants and Refugees with Meredith Walsh and Esteban Cardemil

Episode #24 Children and Mental Health:  How The Bridge Supports Families in Crisis with Kerry Blumengarten

Episode #23 To Recovery and Beyond:  Cindy Wilson's Journey from Client to Employee

Episode #22 Safe Homes:  Supporting the LGBTQ Community Now and In the Future with Laura Farnsworth

Episode #21 Bridging the Gap to Housing and Services with Debra Midgley and Elisa Ouellette

Episode #20 Stages of Development for Teens with Barry Walsh

Episode #19 Positive Behavior Supports with Carol Tripp-Tebo and Michelle Frost Mazzotti

Episode #18 Stigma and Mental Health with Paul Richard, Executive Director of the SHINE Initiative

Episode #17 Supported Employment and Education Program with Amelia Dillon

Episode #16 Training and Sustaining DBT with Jennifer Eaton

Episode #15: DBT with Elizabeth Fessenden

Episode #14: Introducing new CEO Ken Bates

Episode #13: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Barry Walsh and Andrea Wolloff

Episode #12: How to talk to Your Adolescent with Barry Walsh

Episode #11: Good Nutrition Takes a Village