Shared Living
Home Together

Do you have room in your heart and your home? 
Consider becoming a Shared Living Provider

The Bridge’s Shared Living program matches active individuals with disabilities with people/families willing to welcome them into their hearts and homes. 

Are you interested in creating a safe home environment and encouraging an individual to participate in the community?  Can you help support goals and dreams, and assist with daily routines and activities?

Become a Shared Living provider!

When living in a home environment, individuals gain greater independence and opportunities for an active lifestyle.  They aren’t alone; they have the support and companionship of someone who cares for them at home.

In return, Shared Living caregivers receive a generous tax-free stipend, ongoing training, support and resources from The Bridge of Central Massachusetts.The program is funded by the Department of Disability Services (DDS) and Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC).

The Bridge works closely with individuals and their families to create a match that works according to interests, lifestyles and needs. 

Perhaps most importantly, all participants in Shared Living are making a difference in someone else’s life, creating bonds and memories that last a lifetime.  You are building a family.

Here's what a Shared Living provider says about the experience:

“They become part of your life and your family.  We go to the beach, fishing and the gym together.  My family loves playing video games and swimming with John.  We play jokes on each other and laugh a lot.  This is a great way to earn extra income from home, but the best part is seeing someone’s life improve.”

First Steps

If you are interested in becoming a Shared Living provider, please fill out the online application.  We will review your information and contact you.  Meantime, if you have questions, email us at or call 508-755-0333.

Two Profiles of Individuals Seeking Shared Living Supports are Below

1.  The Bridge is seeking a caring adult to share their home, condominium or apartment with a young man in his 20’s who is diagnosed on the autism spectrum. He graduated from high school and currently does not engage in out-of-home day structures. He can enjoy up to 5 hours alone at home.

He has a great sense of humor, enjoys on line “gaming” but needs to develop other interests.  He also enjoys Legos, cars and car shows and animals.   He would like to increase his physical activity by joining Planet Fitness and playing paint ball. 

He wishes to share a home in the greater Worcester area with a single person in the same age range (21 to 31). He will need assistance in activities of daily living (ADLs), medical appointments and supports, coping skills, confidence building, and health and wellness supports.


2.  The Bridge is seeking a provider to share a home with a woman in her late 40’s.

This individual, who is diagnosed with an intellectual disability, wishes to live in one of the towns surrounding Worcester.  We are looking for a single person or couple around her age who do not have young children at home. She needs an easily accessible home without stairs; a yard is preferred.

The individual needs assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), medical appointments and supports, coping skills, confidence building, and health and wellness supports.

She currently attends a structured day program but is open to moving to a different program closer to her home. She demonstrates good safety skills, but prefers not to spend too much time alone.

She is motivated to try new experiences, and ready to adopt a more active life style. Swimming, bowling, and movies are on her activity list, and would like to be more involved in the community.