Care Management and Coordination

The Bridge provides comprehensive care management and care coordination services for individuals and families we serve and for insurers and providers seeking assistance with patients who could benefit from such services.  

Staff have been trained in and have extensive experience in such aspects of care management and coordination as:

  • Coordinating care across the spectrum of providers and settings
  • Providing tools, skill-building and support around health promotion and self-care
  • Providing comprehensive assistance in transitioning clients and patients from inpatient to other settings of care and to home
  • Supporting patients in self-management and recovery, including help with managing decisions and care plans, with the individual patient at the center
  • Providing medication adherence services and support
  • Providing supports and communication for families and loved ones
  • Providing or referring to services needed in the community such as transportation, housing, employment services, access to good nutrition resources, and other social determinants of health

The Bridge is uniquely qualified to provide these services in a context of placing the individual client or patient at the center, and building effective relationships with them to motivate and inspire change.  We have over forty years of experience providing these services and supports for individuals with serious mental health challenges and developmental disabilities.