The Health and Wellness Initiative:

Employee Initiatives

There are many reasons to encourage healthy lifestyles for staff of The Bridge.  In addition to helping employees to achieve personal goals of health and wellbeing, the Employee Initiatives Workgroup also focuses on the important role that staff can play in modeling healthy behaviors for the individuals we are serving.  

  • Yoga and Zumba classes have been offered for employees at discounted rates.
  • Several 8-Week Fitness Challenges were held, with the most recent one resulting in 44 staff losing a total of 174 pounds.
  • Last year over 200 staff members participated in two-hour stress and resiliency training programs.
  • All staff are encouraged to utilize “It Fits!” reimbursement from Fallon Health that can be used towards a variety of healthy activities.
  • A Self-Defense program including classes held at The Bridge is underway
  • Special events such as Tubing at Ward Hill and Walking Trips to NYC are planned for the coming year.
  • Also underway is planning for a DVD library of exercise DVD's and a corporate gym membership
  • Flu Shots are provided for all employees at no cost to them
  • For more information, contact