The Health and Wellness Initiative:

Tobacco Recovery Initiative (TRI)

The Tobacco Recovery Initiative work group is focused on encouraging people to move towards tobacco-free living.  The acronym TRI is designed to highlight the fact that successful elimination of tobacco use is often a multi-step process and begins with taking one step. Tobacco users who "try" to make one small change, often are able to make additional changes leading to the permanent elimination of tobacco use in their lives.  

  • The agency has revised its tobacco use policy to prohibit the use of tobacco products by staff or contractors in the presence of individuals served.
  • The committee has offered Smoking Cessation programs and tools, and is working to develop internal capacity to offer ongoing Smoking Cessation programs.
  • The committee has provided customized Quit Kits and educational information for individuals during the Great American Smokeout and at agency-wide health fairs.
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