Bridge Trauma Response Services

No one wants to experience a disaster, death or other life-altering crisis. Yet having a plan in place to cope in case it does happen provides the security that your organization is prepared for whatever unexpected events come your way. The Trauma Response Team consults with schools, agencies and other organizations to ensure they've got the tools they need to respond to critical incidents:

  • knowing what to do when disaster strikes
  • school and community response to adolescent suicide
  • identifying the warning signs of depression and suicide
  • identifying and managing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Our team is intensively trained in the psychological first aid techniques developed by Dr. Robert Macy of the Boston Center for Trauma Psychology and Riverside Trauma Center. These are the same evidence-based practices used after high-profile events such as the September 11th tragedy, the workplace shooting at Edgewater Technologies, the Boston Marathon bombings and adolescent suicides.

Our goal is to restore a sense of safety, promote the resiliency of your community, and help prevent individual post-traumatic stress responses.

The Bridge of Central Massachusetts, Inc. is a contracted provider of the Riverside Trauma Network, lead agency for Trauma Response to Massachusetts schools. The Bridge Trauma Response services are funded by the Department of Mental Health and the Department of Public Health. Services to schools and communities are provided at NO COST.

For more information, download the Trauma Response Team brochure

Resources for Parents Supporting Children

Below are links to some selected resources to help parents support their children following traumatic events. For more information about the Bridge Trauma Response Services, contact Carrie Grzych-Sorenson at 774-262-0751.

Talking to Children About Violence

Talking to Your Children About Traumatic Events

Children and Trauma


 For more information about the Bridge Trauma Response Services, contact Carrie Grzych-Sorenson at 774-262-0751.