Making A Gift Of Securities (Stocks)

Your gift to The Bridge of Central Massachusetts can make an important difference in the life of an individual with mental health challenges, developmental or intellectual disabilities, acquired brain injury, autism. homelessness, substance abuse disorder or complex challenges.  With your help, individuals can receive treatments that work, supports to help them achieve the best possible life, and the tools to live as independently as possible. 

For your gift of securities, you may take a standard charitable deduction for the mean fair market value of the stock on the date of the gift while also avoiding capital gains tax on appreciated securities. Avoiding capital gains tax decreases the cost of your gift by your applicable capital gains tax rate and makes donating appreciated securities the better option if you are considering whether to give cash or stock.  

To make a gift of securities, follow the instructions below.



When planning to make a gift of securities to The Bridge of Central Mass., please notify The Advancement Office by calling 508-755-0333, Ext. 1239 or via email at .

2. Making Stock transfers via DTC

To transfer securities to The Bridge electronically, i.e., via Depository Trust Company (DTC), provide the DTC transfer instructions to your broker. The securities will be transferred directly into the Bridge’s gift account at Charles Schwab.

In order for the The Bridge to properly credit the gift, it is important that you or your broker notify us of the gift and its intended purpose, and that the broker reference your name in the DTC transfer instructions.

The DTC transfer instructions are as follows:

Charles Schwab
DTC: #0164
For credit to: The Bridge of Central Massachusetts
Account number: 8766-3182
Donor's name, address, name of security, number of shares, purpose


3. Physical delivery & transfer date

Physical stock and bond certificates may be mailed or hand-delivered directly to:

The Bridge of Central Massachusetts
Advancement Office
4 Mann Street
Worcester, MA 01602

You may also call The Advancement Office at The Bridge at 508-755-0333, Ext. 1239. When mailing certificates, please enclose a letter of instruction that contains detailed information about the security gift. We recommend that you transmit the certificate by certified U.S. mail with return receipt requested. Alternately, you might wish to use an express mail or delivery service that will obtain a signature verifying receipt of delivery.

The registered owner of the certificate, the stock power, or bond power must sign exactly as the name appears on the certificate and acquire a Medallion Signature Guarantee (usually obtainable from your bank or broker). It is recommended that the certificate and the power be sent under separate cover, each with a letter of instruction enclosed.

Per IRS guidelines, the date of contribution is the date on which the transfer of ownership takes place. If the certificate is registered in the name of The Bridge, then the date of contribution is the date the stock is transferred on the books of the issuing corporation (i.e., the date on the face of the certificate).

  • If you are the registered owner of the certificate, then the date of contribution is the latter of:
    • the postmark on the envelope containing the stock power,
    • the endorsement date on the certificate or stock power,
    • the postmark on the envelope containing the certificate, or
    • the date on which the certificate is hand delivered to an agent of The Bridge of Central Massachusetts.