Housing and Homelessness Services


  • Worcester Area

    • ATARP ( Aggressive Treatment and Relapse Prevention) -- a Housing First program to help individuals who have co-occurring mental health challenges and substance use disorders.  The program includes assistance in locating housing, housing subsidies, treatment services, assistance with benefits, access to medical care, wraparound supports to help individuals be successful in the community, assistance with employment and education, and other supports needed.   Referral through the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health is required.
    • Housing Initiative Program (HIP) -- a program funded through the City of Worcester's Emergency Solution Grant (ESG) to provide rapid rehousing and supports for individuals experiencing homelessness in Worcester. The program includes housing assistance, limited financial assistance for individuals who qualify, and outreach, referral and support.   For more information, or to make a referral, contact the ATARP Office at The Bridge (508) 755-0333.

    • SCHAP -- South County Homeless Assistance Program -- a HUD program offering assistance to individuals and families with disabilities or substance use disorders or HIV.  For more information, contact SCHAP at (508) 765-2815.